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Yabba has just released a brand a new CD, Titled One Of Life's Great Stories. A multi-talented musician whose repertoire includes vocalist, songwriter, performer, arranger, bandleader, guitarist and producer, Marcus Yabba Griffiths was born in Manchester Parish, Jamaica. At age eleven, he moved to the capitol city; Kingston, Jamaica, reggae capitol of the world. A member of the vocal group, Gold Tones, Yabba Griffiths recorded a single titled "Girl Exposer" for Duke Reid's Treasure Isle Label and caught the attention of Rendford Cogle, who was the main songwriter for the Melodians. Mr. Cogle wrote "Lock Love Away" for Yabba Griffiths to sing on Sonia Pottinger's Hi-Note label and in 1968, the song soared to #8 on the Top Ten Charts in Jamaica. The same year, Yabba recorded a song for Clancy Eccles titled "Don't Break The Heart That Love You", among others for Clement "Coxsone" Dodd of Studio One.

As a studio musician guitar player, Yabba Griffiths worked with many of the greatest musicians and singers of Jamaica including Bunny Wailer, Soul Syndicate, Gregory Isaacs, Roots Radics, Carlton and Family Man Barrett, Winston Wright, Lynn Taitt, Jackie Mittoo, Robbie Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar, The Tamlins and Bobby Colphat, among many others. Yabba Griffiths joined Charles Hannah and the Graduates in 1972 and in 1974 toured through out Jamaica with Solid Foundation. During this time, Yabba recorded the first version of his big hit 'Devil Woman', featuring the Tamlins. 'Devil Woman' was released as a single in the United States and United Kingdom in 1976, and became a massive hit in metropolitan New York and Chicago among other cities.

 in 1976, Yabba griffiths toured the United States with Big Youth and the band Creation. After the wrap up of this tour, he then joined the Black Eagles, later to be re-named Morgan Heritage. Yabba then moved to New York City in 1977 to form the band Yahtova, which translates to mean 'God (is) Love'.


Also while in New York City, Yabba Griffiths hooked up with Patrick 'Shaka' Hochen and founded his own recordinjg studio and label call Traxx. During this time. In 1979, Yabba Griffiths and Traxx relocated to Chicago, Illinois. In 1980, he worked for a short time with Alligator Records.

Yabba Griffiths and Traxx released their first album; 'Thrill if Vistory', in 1986 on the New York based Gysai Label. 'Thrill of Victory' was names 'One of the best new albums of the year' in Europe. During the summer of 1989, Yabba Griffiths met producer Greg Errico, a founding member of Sly & The Family Stone and based on his favorable impression of the artist, Mr. Errico produced Yabba abd Traxx's second album, 'Reviver' recorded in Sausalito, California.

Yabba Griffith's third album, 'Only Yabba' was released in 1998 on Myjaki Records. 'Only Yabba' features 11 songs, including 'Baby Sugar', a re-make of his own cut 'Devil Woman', and 'Good Reggae Music', amoung more. 'Good Reggae' is also an Extended Play  single CD featuring four tracks were released in 2000 on Yabba Griffiths' 'Su-Cram Records' label. Yabba Griffiths'next full length album, 'The Yabba Griffiths Story' was released in 2002 on Su-Cram Records label. 'The Yabba Griffiths Story' features 17 songs. And One Of Life's Great Stories' was released in 2014. Over the past decade Yabba has - as always- been a busy man. The past decade has seen him focused on raising a family, writing his first autobiography, 'The Yabba Griffiths Story", and touring the country non-stop on support of his early body of work. A number of years ago, fellow Chicagoan Bruce Edwin, CEO of Starpower Management LLC and Yabba Griffiths became acquainted. This year, Starpower Management LLC is pleased to announce they have signed Yabba Griffiths in all areas of management and public relations

Yabba Griffiths states 'I am so happy and thankful to now be working with Starpower Management. I know that they have the power and talent in the industry as management and publicity that I have been looking for. I feel great energy from Bruce and I am very excited about what our future holds. Talent manager and music industry veteran Bruce Edwin states "I am very pleased and excited to work with Yabba Griffiths. I appreciate all styles of Music and in addition to my background in the world of rock, I have also always appreciated hearing artists including Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and now Yabba Griffiths, We are proud to represent this modern Music legend in the world of reggae music. People will be greatly pleased with what they hear from this hugely talented artist'.

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